The Ghana Grid Company Ltd (GRIDCo) has warned that the blatant failure of the Electricity Company of Ghana to follow load management instructions from the National System Control Centre (SCC) could threaten the national power grid and potentially lead to a system collapse.

In a letter complaining to the Energy Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku-Prempeh, the grid operator, says the ECG’s actions have resulted in a decline in system frequency causing automatic shutdowns.

“We note with grave concern the repeated instances where Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) operations personnel fail to follow load management instructions issued by the SCC. This non-compliance poses a significant threat to the stability of the power grid, potentially leading to, avoidable power outages for customers and System collapse”, portions of the letter read.

“The SCC routinely communicates load management directives to ECG Operations. However, these instructions are often either not effected or inadequately implemented. This results in a decline in system frequency, triggering the operation of the Automatic Frequency Load Shedding (AFLS) relays and SCC having to disconnect feeders serving bulk customers to correct the decaying frequency.”, the letter added.

GRIDCo in the letter, cited two recent instances the System Control Centre had to step in to prevent a system collapse due to the ECG’s non-compliance.

“March 21, 2024, 07:59h, The SCC had to take Tafo feeders out of service due to ECG’s failure to properly implement load management instructions. This resulted ni a system frequency drop to a critical level of 49.47 Hz”

“Similar non-compliance by ECG operations during peak hours on March 20, 2024 forced the SCC to disconnect feeders ni Tema, Winneba, Kasoa, and Kumasi. This action was taken to prevent system collapse after the frequency dropped to a concerning 49.29 Hz.”, it said.

GRIDCo further accused ECG of misinforming the public through its publication when its inaction triggers unwarranted outages.

“When these emergency disconnections occur, ECG publishes customer notices attributing the loss of power supply to GRIDo, which is not an accurate description of the current situation.”, the nation’s grid operator lamented.

GRIDCo is therefore requested the minister’s intervention to ensure cooperation from ECG.

“ECG’s disregard for load management instructions is a clear violation of the regulations. We therefore bring this to your kind attention, Honourable Minister, and seek your urgent intervention to ensure cooperation from ECG with respect to load management operations.”, it pleaded.

Meanwhile, a GRIDCo report sighted by Starr News has revealed the country’s power generation is inadequate to meet peak demand resulting in the shedding of some 510 MW of load required to keep the system stable.

According to the report, the total gas supply continues to be inadequate to run thermal plants to meet electricity demand with there being a need to source more gas from Nigeria above the VRA firm contract to run idle thermal plants to meet increasing electricity demand.

Source: Ghana/ Kojo