The flagbearer of the governing NPP Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has cautioned voters in the Ejisu constituency to guard against voting for the independent candidate in Tuesday’s by-election.

Addressing a rally at Kwamo on Sunday, Dr. Bawumia said a vote for the independent candidate is a vote for the opposition NDC since they are supporting him.

He said, “currently we have 137 Members of Parliament and with Dr. John Kumah’s death we will need one more to march up to the NDC. So we should vote for an NPP person who is Kwabena Boateng.

“If you vote for the independent candidate, you are only giving power to the NDC who are supporting him.”

The by-election in the Ejisu constituency follows the death of Dr. John Apontuah Kumah who was the MP for the area.

Six persons are contesting the elections with the front-runners being the governing party’s Kwabena Boateng and independent candidate Kwabena Aduomi.

Source: Ghana/