How can humanity raise awareness of the invaluable contribution of trees to society? 23-year-old Abdul Hakim Awal jumps on the Guinness World Record fever that has engulfed Ghana since December 2023, to hug a tree for 48 hours.

“We know how trees, an essential resource on which the entire human race depends are becoming scarce in Ghana. Though we have been taught about the preservation of trees since the early years of our lives, the contribution from everyone is not as significant as it should be,” Awal noted.

Awal’s Guinness World Record attempt for the longest time to hug a tree to him spells out an important task to preserve human life by preserving trees.

For every minute Awal spends hugging the tree during the anticipated marathon, he will plant a tree in the country.

The resident of Asawase has been drawn to matters of climate change and the eminent desertification of northern Ghana since he visited his ancestral home in Garu, Upper East Region. His stint at EIB Networks Kasapa FM as an intern drew him to reportage that caused him to believe that by afforestation and reafforestation, Ghana stands a chance of not only contributing to optimum global climate but also introducing the country to some new plant species with potential of becoming the next cocoa.

“This is not just a recorded attempt, it is also to educate Ghanaians on the effect of trees on climate change… and highlight government’s Green Ghana agenda,” he described.

Guinness World Record on March 19, 2024, accepted Abdul Hakim Awal’s application under the title Longest time to hug a tree. Unlike other Guinness World Record long attempts undertaken in Ghana, this particular one allows no breaks whatsoever, however, the claimant can change positions at any point, so long as the arms do not come off of the
tree at any point.

Abdul Hakim Awal’s Guinness World Record Attempt is set to take place from 22nd to 24th May 2024 at the Kumasi Cultural Centre. The current record for the longest time to hug a tree is 16 hr 6 sec, and was achieved by Faith Patricia Ariokot (Uganda), in Kampala, Uganda, on 16 January 2024.

Source: Ghana/ Boakye