The Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) is calling for an urgent subsidy of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) charges for private schools.

According to the association, the unfair system must be abolished as it impedes the rights of private school students.

Speaking to Starr News, President of the Association, Prof. Damasus Tuurosong, fumed over this issue, describing it as a cruel way of forcing children to abandon private schools for state Schools.

“When it comes to low fee private schools, Government must absorb the cost of the fees for those who attend these schools. A lot of people will not be able to sit this year’s exam due to the charges”.

“The new levy is suffocating and crippling our operations,” he added.

Prof. Damascus Tuurosong also urged government to scrap the 30% priority SHS placement system among others which denies private school students placement in Category A schools.

He said, “What bothers private schools is that, when parents manage to pay WAEC’s exorbitant BECE charges for their children to sit the examination, such children may be denied placement into category A schools”

Source: Ghana/ Sackey