Tiwa Savage is singing today for the world because a man caught her attention in the music industry.

The award-winning Nigerian vocalist shared this surprising revelation about her journey into music during a recent interview with MTV Live to promote her new movie project, “Water and Garri.”

Tiwa confessed that her initial passion was for acting, not music. She disclosed that she pursued a career in music because of a crush she had on a particular guy who often associated with musicians.

I’ve always wanted to do acting. Acting was one of my first loves before music. I got into music because I had a crush on a guy, and he was always around musicians, so I said, ‘yeah, forget acting and just go into music,’” Tiwa revealed.

This unexpected admission sheds light on the personal motivations behind Tiwa Savage’s decision to enter the music industry, showcasing the unpredictable twists and turns that often shape an artist’s path.

Despite her original intentions, Tiwa has undoubtedly made her mark as one of Nigeria’s most prominent and successful musicians.