Gideon Boako

Dr Gideon Boako, parliamentary candidate for Tano North constituency and spokesperson for the Vice President, has revealed ambitious initiatives aimed at positioning the area as the central hub for the middle class within the broader Ahafo Region, with the goal of enhancing its prominence.

He underscored the importance of empowering students, local entrepreneurs and artisans, stating that their success is instrumental in driving economic growth and prosperity within the community and expressed confidence in the potential of Tano North to emerge as a beacon of progress and development in the Ahafo Region.

Dr Boako made this declaration during a significant event where he generously donated startup tools and machinery to support artisans and master craftsmen in Duayaw-Nkwanta, situated within the Tano North constituency.

Emphasizing his commitment to implementing pragmatic measures and ensuring the judicious management of human resources, Boako outlined his vision for transforming Tano North into a thriving center for the middle class.

Over the years, Dr. Gideon Boako has helped many hundreds of young people in the constituency to secure decent jobs and scholarships in both local institutions and schools abroad.

His deliberate plan to, at least, secure admissions and sponsorships for two students per year has benefitted 14 students who are in training to become medical doctors.

Dr Boako plans to extend this to other fields such as engineering, law, and pharmacy.

“As you all know, aside the “Train at least two medical doctors” a year program, I have been able to secure admission and sponsorship for 14 students to be trained as medical doctors at KNUST and UHAS. This year, with Newmont Gold mining company having their Ahafo North project in the Tano North, I am going to lead an ambitious program to secure admissions for, and sponsor 50 students from this constituency to study various engineering programs that are relevant to the mining sector”, Dr. Boako indicated.

Dr. Boako believes that this move will help the youth in the Tano North Constituency to secure top management positions at Newmont rather than just mini labor and casual works.

“My focus is to avoid the situation whereby all the juicy and top positions at Newmont will go to outsiders because our people do not have the right skills and qualifications,” he opined.

As the parliamentary candidate for Tano North, Boako’s comprehensive vision for the constituency aligns with broader national objectives aimed at promoting inclusive growth and prosperity across all regions of Ghana. His

and advocacy efforts exemplify a steadfast commitment to harnessing the potential of local communities to drive socio-economic transformation and improve the quality of life for all residents.

Source: Ghana/