The founder of The New Force, Nana Kwame Bediako also known as Cheddar says he is going to use a currency to unite the African continent when the time is due.  

Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray, Mr. Bediako stated that when he is able to make Ghana succeed he will join in helping other African nations.

“I feel that if I can help Ghana my motherland and I have a template and the blue that will help the next country. I will open the border and join the countries.

“Now we have thousands of dialects and uniting Africa by language can only be in English or French and I believe that is the reason God sent those colonials here. So that we can have one language and understand ourselves when I am ready to unite,” Mr. Bediako stated.

He further stated that he is going to use a currency to unite Africa adding that it will not be a currency that does not depreciate.  

“But I believe that I am not going to use the word unity as the word to convince people to unite Africa. I think it is a currency that I am going to use to unite the continent. I am the one that will break that currency that currency that will have a value that does not depreciate. The kind of currency that does not cause inflation or distort the economy. The kind of currency that will be patched with gold,” he added.

Source: Ghana/