Members of the Judicial Service Association of Ghana (JUSAG) over the weekend have embarked on a fitness and wellness exercise at Aburi in the Eastern Region as part of activities lined up for its 50th-anniversary celebration.

The exercise dubbed ‘JUSAG Aggressive Health Walk’ was attended by registrars, recorders, clerks, administrators, and others.

Some members of the bench also took part in the health walk.

The walk which started from Ayi-Mensah and ended at Peduase Lodge was part of activities lined-up to celebrate the JUSAG golden jubilee by promoting health and wellness together.

National President of JUSAG Samuel Afotey Otu has urged his members to make regular exercise part of their daily routine.

Mr. Afotey Otu who led his members to walk which ended with an aerobic session, said he was very satisfied with the exercise.

“I think Judicial Service work is always (about) sitting down….and it is not good for our health,” he acknowledged.

He, therefore, urged that, “at least once in a while we should do such programs (health walks).”

To buttress his point, Mr Afotey Otu made references to biblical allusions with specific mentions of the Bible and the Quran to call for regular exercise.

The JUSAG president said, the call for regular exercise also resonates well with the Chief Justice’s call for a united from using sporting activities.

He urged that, “every weekend we (members) should exercise ourselves and gain strength.”

Unity from far and near

Staff from far and near including members from Sogakope in the Volta region and Bongo in the north also took part in the health walk which underscored the importance of the need for unity in purpose.

Some members of the bench also took part in the massive exercise which saw members walk several kilometers.

“We expect every staff to participate in all the activities because our vision is stronger together,” Mr Afotey charges.

More activities

The Greater Accra regional chairman of the association Ramsey Ahorklui, said there are more activities lined-up for the celebration.

According to him, other activities such as games, floats, health screening, sporting activities and symposiums.

The health walk was to improve the physical fitness and well-being of members, bond with fellow JUSAG members in a fun and healthy environment and de-stress and recharge.

More health walk

Some of the participants shared their separate experiences said the exercise should be made a regular to ensure that members can exercise themselves.

JUSAG was formed in Cape Coast in 1973 and had its 50th Anniversary launched on February 17, 2024.

Chief Justice Torkornoo unveiled both the JUSAG’s 50-year anniversary, the logo, and the anniversary cloth.

Source: Ghana/ Inusah