The Minority in Parliament says the Registrar of the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, Kingsley Agyemang must be interdicted with immediate effect.

In a statement, the Minority indicated that the call is based on the investigation by the Fourth Estate into the award of scholarships by the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, an agency under the Office of the President.

“The investigations, which span the period between 2019 and 2020, reveal very sordid details of the award of Government of Ghana scholarships on the basis of political patronage, influence, favouritism, among other considerations, contrary to the object of these scholarships which are supposed to be given to deserving, needy but brilliant students,” the ranking Member on Education Committee in Parliament Peter Nortsu Koteo stated.

He therefore called for the “immediate interdiction of the Registrar of the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, Kingsley Agyemang, pending investigations into its operations. The Special Prosecutor must order an immediate forensic audit of all scholarships awarded since January 2017. 

“We call on President Akufo-Addo to act swiftly in this matter in order to protect the public purse from further abuse.”

Source: Ghana/