Health officials say pandemic-related disruptions, increasing inequities in access to vaccines, and the diversion of resources from routine immunisation are leaving many children without protection against childhood killer diseases in Ghana. CREDIT: UNICEF

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has clarified that Ghana is not on the verge of having any health issues as a result of the delay in clearing the essential medicines at Tema Port in the Greater Accra region.

According to the MoH, despite the challenges Global Fund has sent an itinerary for the delivery of medicines for the year 2024.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health further disclosed that the first consignment for 2024 was delivered on Friday, 12th April 2024.

“By this press release, we wish to re-assure our stakeholders and the general public that the Global Fund remains our strong development partner in health, and has neither suspended nor intends to suspend any supplies to Ghana, and for that matter, no health crisis is looming

“The commitment of the government, through the Ministry of Health and its development partners, to meet the health needs of all people living in Ghana continues to be our collective top priority,” the Ministry stated.   

Attached below is the full statement

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