QNET, a leading global wellness and lifestyle-focussed direct-selling company has organised a health and wellness stakeholder information and demonstration session in commemoration of this year’s World Health Day.

The event was held in Accra on Friday 5th April 2024.

Many stakeholders from the media, academia, medical practice, and fitness industry attended the event.  The theme for the 2024 World Health Day is: “My Health, My Right” strategically aligning with QNET’s theme for April: “Championing Health”.

QNET’s World Health Day event featured various presentations to inform and educate Ghanaians on healthy nutrition, dietetics, and supplements. QNET products such as the LifeCode Belite 123 (a 3-in-1 weight management formula), LifeCode Kenta (Vitamin-Rich Supplement for longevity), LifeCode Qafe (Safe and Effective Weight Loss Formula), and LifeCode EDG3 Plus (A multi-functional beverage for elevating everyday health) were exhibited and everyone received free samples. According to the company, QNET products are tried, tested, and proven to be efficient in helping people achieve good health and wellness.

According to the Legal Counsel for QNET in sub-Saharan Africa, Naana Quartey: “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, listed the following as the leading causes of death in Ghana: Malaria, Cholera, Stroke, Lower respiratory infections, Neonatal disorders, Ischemic heart disease, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Diarrheal diseases, Diabetes, Cirrhosis and other chronic liver diseases. Some of these diseases and sicknesses are caused by poor hygiene and sanitation, lack of access to clean water, malnutrition and food insecurity, air pollution, and exposure to harmful chemicals, among others.”

She explains that: “QNET manufactures and distributes health and wellness products such as dietary supplements, skincare products, and lifestyle accessories designed to address various health and nutritional challenges. We often use natural ingredients and advanced technologies in the development of our products.”

Dr. Justina Owusu, a health and nutrition researcher from the University of Ghana, and Dr. Frank Marful from the Nyaho Medical Centre provided insights on nutritional elements most Ghanaians need and how they can be easily derived. Health and fitness enthusiasts from the Fitrip Gymnasium in Accra took participants through some simple but effective exercise routines. Every participant was also able to taste some QNET products, many, for the first time.

Ms. Quartey concluded by saying: “At QNET, we are committed to offering unique, premium-quality items that cater to diverse needs, ranging from health, and nutrition to general wellness. We are highly socially responsible and law-abiding and we uphold the ethical and legal standards of every country we operate in.

We are active members of several revered associations. We also partner and sponsor renowned sporting entities like Manchester City Football Club and the CAF African Club League Championships, solidifying our position as a dynamic force for good.”