Stanbic Bank Ghana in their quest to continually help customers make informed financial decisions and improve their overall financial well-being, has held a financial literacy seminar for Executive and Private clients dubbed Money Makeover Series.

The two-day event took place at the SB Incubator, Silver Star Tower, Accra.

The Money Makeover Series according to the bank will be held once every quarter to bring together their private and executive banking customers to equip them with valuable financial information, networking opportunities, money management skills among other benefits.

Attendees benefited from presentations by financial experts including Miriam Maku Amissah, Head of Client Experience at Stanbic Investment Management Services (SIMS).

Mr. Benjamin Mensah, Head of Personal and Private Banking, Stanbic Bank, affirmed the bank’s commitment to evolving alongside clients, stating, “Just as we prioritize regular check-ups for our physical health, it is equally crucial to conduct periodic assessments of our financial well-being. At Stanbic we pride ourselves in being drivers of growth on the continent and in Ghana.

“Amidst global and local financial uncertainties, including the upcoming election year which may carry economic implications, it’s imperative to remain proactive. While we observe positive shifts, it is essential to prepare ourselves to navigate any potential challenges that may arise, ensuring we’re not caught off guard by economic fluctuations.”

“As active participants in the economy, it is important that we take a close look at our finances and make necessary preparations in case of any challenges that may negatively affect the state of our economy. This underscores the significance of these conversations.

“Our banks success hinges on your success, and we are genuinely excited to collaborate with you in realizing your financial aspirations. Our goal is to evolve alongside you, supporting your growth every step of the way. Through these discussions, we hope to provide insights that will equip you for your financial journey and foster your development.” he added.

Margaret Obimpeh, Head of Affluent Clients, Stanbic Bank Ghana, also shared during her address, “Stanbic Bank is passionate about our client’s growth, and our mission as a bank is to drive Ghana’s growth by enabling our customers to grow financially. Knowledge is key, and the Money Makeover Series is one of the ways we seek to achieve that goal.

“We felt it would be appropriate to engage our clients. We want to go on a journey with our clients where we discuss how to create wealth, how to transition into investing, protecting and growing your wealth. Finally, we want to explore how your money can live after you and create a legacy for your children and family to enjoy. This is just the first of many sessions to come, and we look forward to the next sessions ahead.”

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