Magaret Obimpeh, Head, Affluent Clients, Stanbic Bank Ghana presenting cheque and to Mrs. Victoria Adewodah, Assistant Director of Prisons

The Affluent Team of Stanbic Bank Ghana has donated an amount of GHS10,000 to the Nsawam Medium Security Female Prison.

The donation aims to support the refurbishment and equipping of vocational workstations to support the ongoing upskilling of inmates. The gesture forms part of the bank’s annual corporate social initiatives carried out on a departmental basis.

The team also provided support to four newly discharged inmates, to facilitate their reintegration into society. The assistance included essential materials and tools for yoghurt and soap making, sewing, and baking kits. Additionally, these individuals have been enrolled in the Stanbic Bank incubator program, which will offer continual mentorship as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Margaret Obimpeh, Head of Affluent Clients, Stanbic Bank Ghana, led the delegation from the bank to present the items. She emphasized that the donation reflects the bank’s commitment to driving national growth and supporting local communities. She stated, “As a Bank, we are dedicated to advancing national development through various initiatives that positively impact less privileged communities. Every year, the Affluent Team at Stanbic Bank Ghana seeks opportunities to transform lives within our communities. This year, we decided to support our female correctional facility, to help make life better for the inmates here. We are impressed by the work the officers here are doing in providing the inmates with vocational training. This way when the women are discharged, they will reenter society with some skills that can help them get back on their feet. We also present our little donation to help equip the training centers to facilitate the training process to ensure that more of the inmates have the opportunity to learn and develop themselves.”

Mrs. Victoria Adewodah, Assistant Director of Prisons, expressed gratitude, highlighting the partnership as a beacon of hope for inmates’ futures. She said, “When the Affluent Team from Stanbic Bank reached out to us we were very excited but they have exceeded our expectations. Today you have brought joy to the Nsawam Women’s Prison. By this act of generosity, you have put smiles on our faces and hope in our hearts. The items provided to the four inmates will encourage the other ladies to apply themselves during their time here to learn something and leave here better than they came. Thank you and we encourage other corporate bodies to follow their lead.”

Last year, the Affluent Team from Stanbic constructed and handed over a fully equipped ultra-modern place of convenience to the Demonstration School for the Deaf at Mampong in the Eastern Region. The team also donated assorted items to support the day-to-day running of the school.

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