Picture a scenario where children spend their daily school play and meal times in a graveyard. This is the reality for pupils attending the La Cluster of Schools. Unaware of the health risks, they engage in activities within the school premises located within the graveyard.

In most Ghanaian traditional societies, children are discouraged from visiting graveyards even when they are bereaved for fear of exposing them to a bad omen or nightmares. But in the heart of the capital Accra, pupils of the LA cluster of schools spend most their days with corpses.

In the heart of the school’s compound is an old graveyard, dating back almost a century. It is believed to house the dead body of the late Sergeant Adjetey and some prominent members of the La Presbyterian church Bethel Congregation.

But pupils of the La cluster of schools have become the graves permanent companions.They play, eat and even relax on these broken down graves.

“This place is spooky in the early mornings, making me feel like I’m being watched by ghosts. That’s why I intentionally arrive at school late.” Said Reuben Ako, a pupil from La Salem JHS school.

Another pupil of the la Enobal JHS, Elizabeth Quaye also added ” We don’t feel comfortable when the cemeteries are there, sometimes they tell us to go and sweep there…we don’t feel comfortable there.”

We don’t feel comfortable. Sometimes when we are having our sporting activities, we do not get enough space to add it. Said John Quaye, a pupil of the la Enobal Basic school.

But unknown to them, these students are likely to be exposed to various forms of contamination. Research indicates that, the presence of high amounts of microorganisms, including fecal coliforms, associated with burial sites increases the risk of contamination.

A few meters ago from these graves, are food vendors who have set up shop while some of students, use the grave yard as dining areas.

Speaking to GHOne TV, A food vendor at the schools premises, Janet Adoley Addo, suggested that Authorities should clear the area and convert it into either a cafeteria or a canteen, as the school is presently lacking both facilities…

Another food vendor, Abigail Adjei, also added that, The area is unsanitary due to frequent use by students, and may result in an outbreak of disease.

Speaking to some residents of the community housing the la cluster of schools, they explained the state of the cemetery in recent years. According to them In the past, the graveyard was surrounded by a fence to ensure its safety.

However, the fence ended up attracting criminal activities in the area. Thieves would steal from passersby at night, while women were at risk of being assaulted and harmed. In light of these events, authorities made the decision to tear down the fence in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Though the residents are blaming the church of La presbyterian church for the abandoned graveyard, the church told the news team the responsibilty lies on the La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly.

At the time of filing this report, both institutions denied to speak on camera but LADMA is also placing the blame at the door step of the church.

But whiles the blame game continues, the students of LA cluster of schools continue to be exposed to this danger.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM/Naa Adjeley Adjei