Renowned media mogul and CEO of EIB Network, Bola Ray, is urging media professionals across the continent to become proactive agents of change.

In his compelling speech, Bola Ray emphasized the transformative power of the media in shaping Africa’s narrative and driving socio-economic progress.

Addressing a diverse audience of Africa leaders, journalists, and influencers, Bola Ray highlighted the significant influence media has on public perception and policy-making. He called on African media outlets to transcend traditional reporting and actively contribute to the continent’s development by promoting positive stories, innovative solutions, and inclusive dialogue.

“The media has a profound responsibility to not only inform but also inspire and uplift,” Bola Ray asserted. “We must go beyond the headlines of despair and conflict and showcase the resilience, creativity, and potential of Africa and its people.”

Bola Ray’s speech underscored the need for media professionals to engage in investigative journalism, expose injustices, and hold leaders accountable while also celebrating the achievements and advancements within African communities. He encouraged collaboration among media houses to amplify impactful stories and foster a sense of unity and shared purpose.

“By highlighting stories of innovation, entrepreneurship, and community-driven initiatives, we can shift the narrative and drive meaningful change,” he continued. “The media must be a catalyst for development, championing the voices of those who strive to make a difference.”

The Africa Leadership Conference, known for its focus on sustainable development and visionary leadership, provided an ideal platform for Bola Ray’s call to action. His speech resonated with attendees, sparking a renewed commitment to leveraging media as a tool for positive transformation.