Stress, a hormonal response from the body, is a term we are all likely familiar with and also know exactly what it feels like.

Many Ghanaians, especially corporate workers in Accra are quite prone to long-term (chronic) stress which if not effectively managed, can put employees at risk for numerous health effects.

The night of Friday May 3, 2024, in the hearts of Accra, city dwellers witnessed an epic gathering of party lovers from different walks of life, brought together by a group of young business executives known by many as FAMO Gh.

Hosted at the forecourt of Stanbic Heights, the party dubbed ‘DEESTRESS’ sought to help corporate workers, entrepreneurs and students to destress and fulfil deep needs and aspirations, at no cost.

According to the organisers, this is the first of many parties to hit the streets of Accra, to ultimately match the sane, stress-free and relaxivity the month of December comes with.

“It is no secret many Ghanaian workers love December. Have we ever paused to ask why? It’s the enjoyment and series of partying activities. As corporate employees, we don’t need to always wait for the end of the year to have some fun. The workplace comes with a lot of stress. That is why we came up with this initiative to help people to destress at zero cost. Partying is our social glue as people’’, said Kwadwo Dadzie, chief organiser of the FAMO group.

It was a beautiful night of good food, great entertainment and endless networking. Patrons were served with a six-hour non-stop electrifying jam by the party making duo, DJ ABK GH and MC NANAKING with sounds from Finest Soundz. Topped with free Food and drinks catered by Rockz Waakye, Club Beer, Cherry Royale, Events by Oparebea, Grab-A-Bite, Catuaba Tiembe, Edible Ice, JWade Hospitalities, 360 Events, among others.

“DEESTRESS seems to be exactly what Ghanaians need to let go of stress and have a great time. We look forward to another unforgettable night in the next DEESTRESS episode. The organizers ‘do all’, remarked Paula, a private legal practitioner who passed through with colleagues from their workplace.

The event was graced by popular entertainment icons and celebrities like Kuami Eugene, Andy Dosty, DJ Vyrusky, Sheldon Da Turnup, Bright Kankan Boadu (BKB), and the talented new signees Ksar Music, Maya Blu and DSL Music St. Lennon, from Lynx Entertainment. Organizers of DEESTRESS have pledged to serve patrons a bigger and better experience in subsequent events, every quarter of the year to boost productivity at work.

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