The Center for Democratic Development (CDD) Ghana has expressed worry over the handling of high-profile cases by the Akufo-Addo administration.  

In a statement on the latest twist and turn in the former Sanitation Minister, Cecilia Dapaah’s case, CDD-Ghana also mentioned a number of cases it feels the government has not handled better in its bid in fight corruption.

“CDD-Ghana notes with great disappointment that the abrupt or inconclusive manner in which this matter has been ended fits a pattern in terms of the Nana Akufo Addo Administration’s general attitude and response to scandals and allegations or reported incidents of criminal conduct, corruption, or other financial malfeasance involving persons closely associated with the Government or ruling party.

“Cases and scandals that have been treated in a similar inclusive fashion include various Galamsey scandals and a host of pseudo-PPP/procurement deals, including the recent SML case. The Government has not demonstrated a good faith commitment to working with the responsible agencies to bring any of these cases or scandals to a credible and satisfactory resolution.

“It appears that the Government is more interested in exonerating the targets or suspects in these cases than in working with the state’s investigative and prosecutorial agencies to resolve these matters in the public interest.”


The Office of the Attorney General (AG) and Ministry of Justice have said there is no basis for the Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO) to conduct money laundering investigations into the affairs of former Sanitation Minister Cecilia Abena Dapaah.

The Special Prosecutor (OSP) had earlier this year dropped charges against the former minister and referred the matter to EOCO for money laundering investigations.

But, after studying the documents submitted to it by EOCO, the office of the AG has since advised against money laundering investigations into the matter by EOCO.

In a letter dated April 25, 2024, signed by Mrs Evelyn Keelson, a Chief State Attorney from the AG’s office to EOCO said, “The OSP’s referral to EOCO for investigations to be conducted into money laundering is without basis.”

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