The senior political science lecturer at the University of Ghana–Legon, Dr. Asah Asante says the KPMG audit report on the Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) and Strategic Mobilization Ghana Limited (SML) contract President Akufo-Addo does not want to release cannot be hidden forever.

Speaking on Morning Starr with Francis Abban on Thursday, the political science lecturer advised President Akufo-Addo to release the report since the public is itching to know the content.

“As a student of democracy and good governance, my interest is that look this is of grave public interest. Remember all that we are doing, we are doing in the interest of the public so if the public is interested in knowing what has happened give it out. Remember the public has the right know because after all as soon as the President leaves off that information anybody at all can access it.

“If he doesn’t want anybody to access it today it can be accessed at one point in time, so why? Give it out and move on. So if I were the President that would have been my position that it is of grave public interest so I will give it out,” Dr. Asante stated.


The Presidency has refused to furnish the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) with the full report on the audit conducted by KPMG on the Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) and Strategic Mobilisation Ghana Limited (SML) contract.

This was contained in a response to the Media Foundation for West Africa’s request under the Right To Information regime, requesting the full audit report.

The Presidency cites section 5 (1) (a) and (b) (i) of the RTI Act, the Presidency states that it has the right to reject requests for information deemed crucial. According to the Presidency, the KPMG report contains sensitive information falling under these provisions.

In a letter addressed to the MFWA and signed by the Chief Director to the Chief of Staff, H. M. Wood, the Presidency expressed regrets over its inability to fulfill the request, highlighting the confidential nature of the KPMG report.

The decision to reject the RTI application underscores the ongoing debate over transparency and accountability in public affairs in Ghana, particularly regarding access to key documents related to government contracts and agreements.

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