Inesfly Africa Limited last Wednesday, 4th January, 2017, hosted media friends and outdoored its state of the art showroom.

As part of stepping up its campaign against vector-borne diseases and insect-pests infestations across multi sectors including agriculture, public health and hospitality, Inesfly Africa engaged with the media, who are major stakeholders in communicating the company’s vision for Ghana and Africa.

Briefing the media, the CEO of Inesfly Africa Limited, Michael Sjodin, emphasised that Inesfly has a range of products that are meant to solve a vast range of insect-pest related infestations, however complicated they are.

“We have a fantastic product range that can help eradicate malaria and other infestations. Today we’ve been focusing a lot on malaria because every day in Ghana 35000 people get diagnosed with malaria and as you know every minute in Africa 5 children die due to malaria,” he said.

The Ghana Health Service has since 1950 been trying to fight malaria which it says is one of the three leading causes of death in Ghana. With the Inesfly range of products including the insecticide paints, floor cleaners, EM House, Bed Bug Solution, among others, Inesfly Africa Limited is certain to win the battle against insect-pests infestations.

As part of the engagement, the media also toured the state of the art showroom of the company and its line of products.

Speaking on safety, the Chief Technical Officer at Inesfly Africa Limited, Jose Javier Gracenea, remarked that Inesfly range of products are 100% safe to both humans and pets due to the microencapsulation technology.

“The microencapsulation technology allows for a slow and gradual release of active ingredients which are of no consequence to humans and pets. This mechanism ensures a minimal release of insecticides targeted at just insect-pests”, he explained.

With certifications from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) coupled with numerous research publications, Inesfly Africa Limited is unique and is determined to continue to be the lead solutions provider regarding insect-pests infestations in our homes, the field of agriculture, hospitality, and public health, among others.