Police in the Northern region have denied reports that two wild animals have strayed into two districts fatally goring and mauling eight villagers.

Some residents claim that a Buffalo wandered into Jindaratu a village in the East Gonja district and trampled to death six persons, and, a lion today at villages in the Kpandai district killed two.

Madam Hanan, a journalist with a local radio station in the district capital, Asaase FM, however described the incident as “rumour”.

According to her, a search team involving police and locals could not find any casualty or traces of the animals.

Residents were also unable to show dead bodies when the search team requested further bruising the accuracy of the report.

Another resident, a headmaster of the Kpandai Senior High School also denied the report.

Police in the East Gonja district have rubbished the report calling it “news” to them.

District Police Commander, DSP Alhaji Amenu said no such case was reported in the district.

He, however, said he was going to seek information from sources including the Traditional rulers.

Hospital and mini clinics sources also denied the reports.