Parliament will reconvene today, Wednesday, January 4, to consider some bills including the Right to Information Bill and the Spousal Property Rights Bill.

The sixth Parliament of the fourth Republic will be dissolved on Friday, January 6, 2017.

Among other activities, the leadership of Parliament led by Speaker Edward Doe Adjaho will also take delivery of some security installations donated to the House by the Chinese government.

The Deputy Director of Public Affairs of the House, Kate Addo, revealed that the the Right to Information Bill will be considered before Parliament is dissolved on Friday.

“The Right to Information Bill is still being discussed. It is at the stage where people are bringing out the flaws of the Bill in order to ensure that we have a law that when is passed is air tight.”

“Apart from that, we have the Spousal Property Rights Bill which has also not been passed, the Chieftaincy Bill too. We have quite a number of Bills that have not been finished,” Kate Addo told Citi News.

She added that “on Thursday, we have the State of the Nation Address which is a constitutional requirement of the President as per Article 67 of the 1992 constitution. Then on Friday at midnight, the House stands dissolved, so the life of the sixth Parliament will come to an end on the midnight of the sixth.”

“Minutes after the life of the sixth Parliament stands dissolved, the next one is activated by the inauguration ceremony that will take place on the midnight of the seventh,” she explained.