Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe says the vote to readmit Morocco to the African Union (AU) shows a lack of ideology by some African leaders.

Speaking to state media on his return home from the AU Summit in Ethiopia, Mr Mugabe said the lure of Morocco’s money had won over principle:

“Morocco has been working for quite a long time, building mosques here, giving money at times.”

 According to state-run Herald newspaper, he said the decision was “quite a blow” for some AU members.

Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and Algeria believe that Morocco should have only been readmitted to the AU on condition it gives up its claim to the disputed Western Sahara territory.

President Mugabe said southern Africa would continue to fight to ensure full independence for a territory the UN has referred to as “Africa’s last colony”.

“We believe in rules, in the principles and we have wanted to see Morocco declare at least, that yes, we have given up the claim of occupation.

 “I think its lack of ideology. They [the African leaders who backed Morocco] have not had the same revolutionary experience as all of us and there is too much reliance on their erstwhile colonisers.”
Morocco left the Organisation of African Unity, the AU’s predecessor, more than 30 years ago – in protest over the decision to grant full rights membership to the Polisario Front, which is demanding independence for Western Sahara.