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Messrs Talal & Fadi Fattal of global village group have expressed their utmost concern there has been no positive or alternative response from other major Shareholders of the wonder Club since their media release of their 5-point Rescue Plan last week.

The plan called for change of current Head Coach, Attram, to their preferred choice of Swedish UEFA license A holder, Coach Tom Strand with Godwin Attram placed as Assistant Coach.

The above recommendation is even more critical given the traction it holds under the Ghana football Association [GFA] Regulations Handbook, in respect of the administrative/technical and human resource requirements, page 61, Clause 12.1. that states;

a. A Coach with a minimum of CAF A Coaching license or its equivalent for the First Team.

b. An Assistant Coach with minimum qualification of CAF B Coaching license or its equivalent.

In light of above clause whereby Head Coach Attram, holds a coach licence B, it has become imperative to necessitate his move to post of Assistant Coach instead of letting him go, as the Club still feels indebted and grateful to Coach Godwin Attram for his personal input that culminated in Olympics’ promotion back to GPL.

Other aspects of the Global Village Group 5-point rescue plan included:

• Acquisition of new Strikers and Offensive midfielders via one-day Talent Screening Exercise before week 11 of the Ghana premier League.

• Provision of 42 seater bus to facilitate transportation of Players & Officials to GPL league centers

• Syndication of GHC 30,000 Incentive Package with Melcom, as additional bonus for OLY Players on winning each match

• Call on Club’s old guards to attend a special Club Gala Fund Raising Dinner in April-May ahead of 2nd GPL round

In the interest of all-inclusiveness, we have also met with the Club’s Supporters Union, including its / Head, Welfare officer, as well as with notable Old Guards of the Club, who have given their full nod and support for the 5-point rescue plan be voted into motion by the Club’s Shareholders and eventually move it into execution.

We however wish to state that we are quite alarmed at the seeming indifferent posture by other major Stakeholders of the Club as there has been no comment or response from any since we put forward our 5-point rescue plan for the Club.

What is even more worrying whilst offering no alternative to our Five point rescue plan, is the delay to meet take a decision in respect of Tom Strand’s appointment, hence running down the clock on him & most likely lose him to other GPL interested Clubs.

Our co-sponsors of the 42-seater Bus and Players’ incentive winning bonus have also decided to hold on to their sponsorship package in light of the Club Management’s stalled decision to move forward.

Consequently, we are calling once again for an urgent Shareholders’ meeting and have delivered written notice to Secretary of the Club call meeting in order to vote the 5-point rescue plan into action or not.

We would like to re-iterate that Global Village Media Group owns 40% shares in the Club and needs the support vote of either Macdan Ltd, or Mr. Amarkine Amarteifio or Mr Nick Amartefio to pass this much needed Rescue Plan into majority vote and motion.