As online sales in Africa continue to rise, a new product by name Phlenu is lighting the way for business owners and providing the perfect platform to capitalize on an entirely new avenue for sales.

Phlenu Business is a merchant service app that offers analytical services and access to a global market where businesses can sell their products or services. Phlenu is a new support product that goes hand-in-hand with the Phlenu business app and uses the Phlenu technology to nurture a more efficient and profitable business.

Here, we will take a closer look at why business owners should be interested in signing up for Phlenu Business, its analytical services and this exciting new marketplace.

The Importance of Analytical Data to Ghanaian Businesses

Statistics, numbers and data – they tell the story of every business. How they perform in the global marketplace and how they adapt in any particular industry. Needless to say, a solid project is necessary in the short term but make no mistake; these statistics, numbers and data are key to scaling a business and increasing income in the long term.

As you know, the online space continues to change how we do business in Ghana. Instead of expanding their physical presence, statistics indicate that businesses are following their customers and investing in smart technology in order to engage with them in the online world.

For example, recent studies show that e-commerce is growing at 16.8% across the rest of the world while the e-commerce industry in Africa is rising at an incredible rate of 25.8%. Interestingly, these same studies indicate how 70% of shoppers believe they can find a better deal online than they would find in a local store.

With useful data, we can determine the success of any product or service and identify significant trends in their respective market. Hence, we know the importance of data and the way a business evaluates these numbers is often the difference between growth and failure.

Consequently, we can see why Phlenu Business is gathering so much momentum. After all, this exciting technology offers endless data and solutions to businesses who want to increase their revenue.

A New Global Marketplace for Merchants in Ghana

Needless to say, this shift in attention has created an entirely new marketplace for businesses. After all, merchants are now able to achieve sales on Phlenu with customers who may not have known about their products or services in the past.

With Phlenu, customers can browse and discover endless products or services of any kind, from restaurant deals and supermarket specials to hospitality deals and entertainment deals. Phlenu is also a smartphone app which means that customers can access this market at any time, anywhere. Simply put, merchants create business listings and customers place orders. Upon purchase, the buyer is given a QR code which can be verified by the merchant at the store of purchase by scanning the code with a smartphone. At this point, the merchant is paid into their Phlenu Business account.

Finally, given that Phlenu is also an analytical company, merchants can also make use of extensive data relating to consumer behavior on the platform. For this reason, businesses can see what, where, or when customers are buying a product or service and then tailor their efforts toward consumer behavior.

At a time when online sales are reaching all-time highs, Phlenu Business is determined to improve efficiency and increase the buying power of merchants in Ghana – something any business owner will appreciate. Interested in how Phlenu Business can impact your business? Download the app from your favorite playstore, app store and visit us at  and see your business GROW.

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