Sammy Gyamfi is NDC's National Communications Director
Sammy Gyamfi is NDC's National Communications Director
The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed discontent with the shoddy implementation of the One Village, One Dam (1V1D) project by the Akufo-Addo led government.
As part of the party’s “Moment of Truth” series focused on government’s 1V1D projects in the North, the NDC communication team led by the National Communications Officer, Mr Sammy Gyamfi, visited Zakpalsi dam project in the Mion Municipality which was constructed by the former President John Mahama and compared with the new dams being constructed by the current government.
The NDC described the 1V1D project by the government as a meaningless and wasteful venture.
Mr. Gyamfi said the government had failed to deliver on its promise of providing every village with a dam.
“Their day of accountability, their day of reckoning is fast approaching and will surely come because this is sad, this is painful, this is insulting to the people of the North. You cannot promise people dams and serve them with these dried up excavator ponds we are seeing here. You cannot waste the taxpayers’ money and still have the effrontery to mock us by celebrating these dams.”
“Whether it is the State of the Nation Address or whether at government town hall meetings, you see them parroting this shoddy work, this waste as a significant achievement. They knew ahead of time that these dams will not stand the test of time. They knew that these so-called dams could not serve their intended purpose and yet they went ahead with it. It does not matter how long it takes, as long as the world does not come to an end, they will answer for their crimes,” he said.
The government in the past has said that, contrary to reports of shoddy work in the first phase of the project, they are impressed with the work done so far.
But the NDC has consistently demanded a complete overhaul of the project urging the government to realign its funding to produce standard dams.
For example, the Upper East Region was allocated with 140 of the dams promised but only 40 are said to have been constructed so far, in all the 15 Municipalities and Districts of the region.
Out of the 40, some residents have complained that the dams had either dried up or were not built properly.
Source: Ghana/ Senanu Nyadroh