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Players in Ghana’s agribusiness space are gearing for the first virtual trade fair for players in the fruit and vegetable sector taking place in Italy between the 8th and 10th of September, 2020.

The event being organized by Macfrut with support from the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), will players, especially those from Ghana and other African countries an important opportunity to gain access to the huge EU market.

To adequately prepare agribusiness players in Ghana for opportunities as those offered by Macfrut Digital, the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) recently organized E-Lab Innova, a training programme to sensitize and update agribusiness players in Ghana on trends in the EU market. Dr. Enrico Turoni and Dr. Umberto Trulli, two instructors for E-Lab Innova, shared their views on how agribusiness players can leverage on the knowledge gained in the training programme to break into the EU market.

According to Dr. Enrico Turoni “To enter into a competitive market, knowledge is a key factor.” “Thanks to E-Lab Innova, Ghanaian entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn more about specific topics like business organization, market trends, quality requirements, logistics. etc.” he reiterates. “For Ghanaian companies, attending Macrfrut means getting in touch with a market whose dimensions are almost unlimited, interacting with well profiled potential business partners, having a detailed vision of the international marketplace in which they can compete” adds Dr. Umberto Trulli.

Both instructors highlighted four key benefits that agribusiness players in Ghana stand to gain from Macfrut Digital including Assess to an unlimited market.

“Macfrut in its digital version represents a very interesting opportunity for Ghanaian companies who attended E-Lab Innova for Africa training course” says Dr. Umberto Trulli. According to him “The COVID crisis requires that companies completely redesign internationalization business processes from a digital perspective. This includes focusing on some important aspects related to business digital interaction.”

Dr Enrico reiterated the advantage the European market offers fruit and vegetable farmers with a year-round market for such players. “In Europe there is an increased popularity of healthy lifestyles, moreover the interest in tropical fruits and vegetables is high and there is the need for a year-round availability” says Dr Enrico Turoni. “These are trends that offer opportunities for Ghanaian agribusiness players” he further adds.

Another positive take-out of the dreadful coronavirus is that the world is now increasing leveraging on digital tools for business and trading. Participants in this year’s Macfrut Virtual fair have the advantage of literally sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices and yet being able to present their products and services to thousands of people across the globe.

“Ghana already exports to the European Union but Ghanaian agribusiness players can build competitive advantages with certain niche products and/or specific market windows” Dr. Enrico stresses. “Macfrut Digital is the right opportunity to meet Italian and European importers and get this information,” he states.

With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors expected to take part in Macfrut Digital, the fair offers a one-off window for Ghanaian fruit and vegetable farmers and exporters to showcase their produce to the important European market and to the world in general. Mawuena Egbeta