Ghana Football Association have been ordered to kick Cape Coast Ebusua Dwarfs out of the Ghana Premier League or risk being cited for contempt of court by the Registrar General’s Department.

A letter from the Department to the GFA President and dated October 27, said the club was in official liquidation and therefore could not function as an operational entity and hence cannot be administered into the Ghana League.

In January 2019, a Cape Coast court ordered for the liquidation of the club following their failure to pay an undisclosed debt owed a lower division club Great Liverpool for the transfer of former player Patrick Villars.

In January 2020, the official liquidator wrote to the GFA to request for them to annul Dwarfs’ status as a Premier League Club but with Dwarfs actively participating in the truncated 2019/2020 league season, no action was taken.

The official liquidator for Dwarfs, Jemima Maama Oware, has now written to the GFA to remind them to take action or face consequences themselves.

Source:Ghana/ Yamoah