The seven-member Supreme Court panel hearing the 2020 election petition has dismissed a motion by former President John Mahama seeking to inspect some documents of the Electoral Commissions.

The six point-motion was asking for the originals of all constituency presidential election results collation forms and summary sheets of all constituencies in Ghana.

The court in its ruling among other reasons said the petitioner has not proven that he does not alreaday have the documents they are asking to inspect.

“It is our thinking that where a party is already in possession of a copy of a document mentioned in another party’s pleadings, it is unnecessary to apply or for the court to make an order for inspection and making copies of the document in question. By virtue of the Evidence Act, 1975(NRCD 323), s 166, the duplicate copies of these documents are admissible to the same extent as the originals in the custody of the second respondent”.

Meanwhile, the second witness for the petitioner is expected to be cross-examined today after his Starr witness completed his testimony on Monday.

Former President Mahama is challenging the validity of the presidential results declared by the Electoral Commission on December 9, 2020 which saw Presidency Akufo-Addo retaining the Presidency.


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