Entrepreneurship can be scary and intimidating. Navigating a brand new industry could be nerve-wracking, and many business owners get carried away by the emotion. This is not the case with social media superstar Giuliano Gigliotti.

Gigliotti’s story begins in the state of Ohio. He always had a strong vision and big plans for the future. The entrepreneur moved to Los Angeles, determined to be a success. He chose social media as his field of work and went into it full throttle.

“It was hard at the beginning,” he recalls, adding, “I made sure to always remain positive. There have been so many times when I could have just given up but I continued anyway, and it paid off!”

Giuliano is a firm believer in networking. He loves meeting new people and seeing what their goals and needs are, then helping them meet those. The business owner has built a career on promoting brands and businesses he believes in through social media, which has allowed him to work on a global scale, not only in the United States.

He travels a whole lot, and each trip has a precise goal: to meet exciting new people and create opportunities. “Each trip has a purpose, really. I don’t just travel for fun, but it always ends up being a ton of fun anyway,” remarks Giuliano. Each one of his travels ends up diversifying his business portfolio and opening new doors.

Giuliano took a chance on himself early on. He moved from Ohio to Los Angeles straight after graduating high school. He had to learn business from the ground up on his own, figuring out how to manage the ups and downs that come with it.

“It’s all about your attitude. That will dictate your business and how you do in life. You have to have a winner mentality, always,” says Gigliotti. For Giuliano, a winning mindset is the foundation of any successful business. He attributes his current level of success to the fact that his mindset is clearly focused on the end goal and remains optimistic.

Giuliano bets on gratitude. “Sometimes it gets tough. Instead of giving up and crying over a problem, I think about all the wonderful aspects of my life that I have to be grateful for. This helps bring perspective back and carries me through hardship,” he explains with a smile.

Remembering tougher times and how he overcame adversity keeps Giuliano’s eye on the ball at all times. Giuliano advises other aspiring business owners to invest in themselves first and only then to focus on anybody else. Gigliotti posts a lot of inspirational content on social media, where he shares that message with his hundreds of thousands of followers.