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The Governing Council of Holy Child College College of Education has rendered an unqualified apology to its Principal Victoria Ghanney who was hit by “unjustified and frivolous allegations by the Academic Staff of the college”.

A statement issued by the Council indicated that the academic staff had ‘discontinued’ an application to the court to injunct Mrs. Ghanney from holding herself as the Principal of the college.

This, per the release, has been upheld and the necessary remediation has been occasioned.

The allegations as leveled by the academic staff (during a press conference on March 11, 2021]), sought to challenge the eligibility of Mrs. Victoria Ghanney’s appointment as the new Principal for the school, where “some other candidates of better qualification got rejected by the council.”

A series of allegations much of which expressed doubt about her educational qualification were raised by the Academic Staff to questioning why two other candidates; Mr. Amuah Prah, and Dr. Hull Adams, all of whom had served the institution for years.

But the Governing Council indicated that the Academic Staff were ill-informed about the criteria for the selection of the best candidate for the position of Principal for the institution.

Again, on grounds of allegations of Mrs. Ghanney’s educational qualification which the Academic Staff averred was a misfit for the position had been responded to, by the council. It appeared the embattled Principal (appointee) had an M.Sc. from Herriot-Watt University as opposed to allegations of a ‘1-year’ online degree programme, and regarded as a senior lecturer by merit [through excellent academic and quality academic research publications].

The Council expressed with some embarrassment how the Academic Staff had stained the reputation of a rather accomplished academician who was determined to make a difference in the institution.

Following the lessons from this unfortunate incident, the council reckons that any consideration to maintain or uphold Mrs. Victoria Ghanney’s appointment could be toxic to the academic community. Her appointment given that “the council is not getting the GTEC to support her appointment”, has decided to reverse its decision of appointing Mrs. Victoria Ghanney as the Principal for Holy Child College of Education.

Below is a full statement issued by the Acting Chairman of the Governing Council for Holy Child College of Education, Mr. Francis Kwabena Boachie.

Source: Ghana/ Ohene Gyan