With a world of choice at their fingertips, potato chips and chicken are the first and second go-to-choices respectively for home food deliveries on the Bolt Food App in 2021. KFC was also the most popular restaurant among food delivery customers in the bustling city of Accra.

Chips were ordered on the Bolt Food app over 110 000 times, while the largest order value could be estimated to be about GHS10,000! With most city residents turning to delivery services rather than waiting in queues in stores, most food delivery orders are placed in the afternoons, during lunch time.

This is according to Bolt Food, which celebrated its first anniversary of offering its affordable delivery services to Accra’s citizens.

Bolt Food since its introduction in Ghana in 2020 has been leading the food delivery service and is aimed at improving lives and providing convenience when it comes to getting food delivered at the comfort of customers’ homes or offices without joining a queue at your favourite food joint.

The first of its kind, Bolt Food is dedicated to bridging the gap between restaurants, eateries, and their customers and to help food partners improve on their customer service delivery.

Ali Zaryab, Country Manager, Bolt Food, Ghana notes that: “At Bolt Food, we are always looking for innovative ways to work with our restaurant partners to serve our customers better.”

“After one year on the Ghanaian market, we can proudly say that we have exceeded expectations and even in the face of the global pandemic we remained committed to answering the pressing needs of most of our customers who are looking to have their favorite meals delivered to them on time and at the comfort of their homes and offices,” Ali Zaryab added.

Using Bolt Food to receive and process orders means that restaurants do not have to be concerned with managing payments via credit card or cash, as all payments are processed through the app, before being paid directly to the business.

Restaurant staff are also saved from contact with members of the broader public and only need to engage with Bolt Food couriers, who have been trained in physical distancing protocols, to hand over meals.