File photo: Workers on demonstration

A Labour analyst, Austin Gammey has criticized the government’s approach in handling labour agitations involving the Civil Service in the country.

This comes as the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) as well as Public Sector Workers Union are demanding the government to pay them neutrality allowances.

CLOGSAG on April 21, 2022, embarked on a strike action to demand payment of their neutrality allowance in arrears. The move has opened the flood gate for other members of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to demand the same.

But to speaking to Naa Dedei on Morning Starr, Mr Gammey narrated that his caution to government at the initial stages of the market premium was ignored leading to the present labour agitations.

He said the Civil Service deserves better conditions than hiding under the guise of neutrality allowance.

“I think it’s most unfortunate that the government finds itself in this tight corner. What it means is that in the first place they should not have been pushed into such a bizarre arrangement. If they have anything to give to CLOSSAG members they should do it in another form.

“I think there should have been proper reevaluation because the policy is seen clearly. The simplicity of that policy is about ensuring that certain nitty-gritties are put in place properly and revaluation is done to adjust their base pay properly, if they think that they deserve that,” Mr. Gammey stated.

He said “I don’t think this neutrality thing is what it is. An afterthought is what they have seen, they have taken the wrong step.

“So if they should do what they have done now, what is the budget for it? So clearly people will launch onto it and these are consequences.

“If they have found themselves in this corner they should take the blame, apologize to them. I’ve heard that they’ve now said they will pay in October. If they sit with them well and they have another agreement accepting that yes they will comply with that MoU in October firmly, I am sure they are very reasonable people Dr. Bampo, Ankrah and the rest who are there are very reasonable people, they will understand them,” he added.

Source: Ghana/ Dzidzoamenu