Ken Ofori-Atta (right) and President Akufo-Addo

The Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) in its 2022 government waste report says government wastes on the average 70p out of every 1ghc it receives from taxes.

The government waste report which measured citizen’s perception on tax usage on key government projects also revealed that 92% of Ghanaians are of the view that their taxes are being wasted by the government, with 90.5% of Ghanaians saying they do not trust the government with their taxes.

On citizens’ perception of some key projects and policies by the government, 72.5% of Ghanaians are of the view using taxes on Ex-gratia is a waste of revenue with 74% holding the view the government was wasting taxes on appointees.

Additionally, 77.5% of Ghanaians held the view that the government wasted taxes on the collapse of banks with 83% describing the government’s use of taxes for the national cathedral as waste.

On governments planting for food and jobs project, 57.5% of Ghanaians are of the view government wasted taxes on the programme, while 62% of Ghanaians hold the view youth employment programmes by the government are a waste of taxes, 80% of Ghanaians of the view government is wasting taxes on fighting galamsey.

The report recommended the stoppage in politicization of developmental projects and the application of stricter sanctions on corrupt acts as 80% of Ghanaians held the view prosecution of corrupt leaders would regain the citizen’s trust in government with 79% of Ghanaians of view for the completion of abandoned projects is how government can earn back trust from citizens.

Source: Ghana/ Kojo