The Executive Director for the National Folklore Board, Bernice Ann-Deh-Kumah has urged Ghanaians to embrace folklore to enable it to create jobs for the youth.

According to the Executive Director, when it is embraced, it could be a major tool for the alleviation of unemployment in the country.

Speaking at the inauguration of 16-regional and national ambassadors to promote folklore in the country at all levels, Mrs Ann-Deh-Kumah called for corporations to revive folklore.

“As a Board, we are ready to work together with the regional and international ambassadors to create a market for folklore products and services for wealth creation,” she remarked.

She explained that this will re-hash the cultural significance and the Ghanaian Heritage.

Mrs Ann-Deh-Kumah reiterated the board’s readiness to revive the love for Ghanaian customs and traditions.

The inauguration of the 16 regional ambassadors and one international ambassador according to her is to help spread and instil the love for Ghanaian culture and also to curb the rapid influx of foreign cultures, especially on screens.

The ambassadors are expected to scout and monitor the users of folklore symbols and artefacts and persuade them to register for license at the National Folklore Board which form part of their duties and responsibilities.

“I want to use this opportunity to announce to you that, the National Folklore Board will launch its quarterly media engagements as part of its efforts to educate and promote Ghana’s folklore in June 2022,” Mrs Ann-Deh-Kumah added.

Veteran Hiplife musician Okyeame Kwame who doubles as an ambassador for tourism explained the signs of the adinkra symbols and the need for the ambassadors to be given responsibilities.

“It’s only when we love ourselves that others will love us. This inauguration of the ambassadors from great cultural beliefs will bring back amazing Ghana and will end our culture with great respect when Ghanaians receive it well,” Okyeame added.

Folklore is the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed on to the generations by word of mouth but modernization has caused many young people to lose track of their folklore, history and way of life which are urgently needed to revisit these unique ways to express our culture and way of life.

Source: Ghana/ Aryee