A Human Rights lawyer, Anthony Akoto Ampaw, says political finance
regulation has failed in Ghana and the Electoral Management Body(EMB) must be blamed for the persistence of this problem.

Speaking on transparency and accountability in governance on GTV, Akoto Ampaw said the manner in which the parties are financed and funded is worrisome, adding that it is part of a political elite consensus.

“…I do not see in the immediate or near future internal reforms in political parties who have become self-aggrandizement” Lawyer Akoto Ampaw said.

Constitution of Ghana, Article 55 (14)

i. Political parties shall be required by law (a) to declare to the public their
revenues and assets and the sources of those revenues and assets; and

(b) to publish to the public annually their audited accounts. 

Aside from political parties routinely failing to comply with the provisions of the law, the authorities with the statutory mandate to check and punish violations of the law, namely the Electoral Commission and the Attorney General, have consistently shown no interest or inclination to enforce compliance with the law.

Akoto Ampaw thus urged Ghanaians to demand better governance.