The Ghana School of Law entrance examination was today Friday, September 23, rescheduled following alleged leakage of the paper hours to the initial start time.

Prior to the start time of 10:00am advertised for the commencement of the paper, question papers purported to be those the candidates were supposed to answer went viral on various social media platforms accompanied by their solutions.

Some students were said to have slept on campus just to make sure they were there early to sit for the exams while others reported on campus as early as 6:00am.

The candidates, some of who went to the examination hall before 10:00am were prepared to write the exams just for them to be told that the paper had been rescheduled.

The Independent Examination Committee in a statement said “All 2022 entrance examination candidates are requested to note that the time for the 2022 entrance examination has been moved to 1:30pm. Accordingly, all candidates are required to be seated in their respective examination rooms/halls by 12:00 noon.”

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