Nomad Ghana has been awarded GOLD in the TV category of the prestigious Muse Awards for The ad “The Journey”, which was focused on MoneyGram Self Redemption product under the campaign headline “Chop make I chop” was launched under the auspices of Zeepay’s sponsorshop of the Ghana Blackstars world cup debut.

The campaign was lead and directed by Nomad Ghana under the leadership of CEO Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, where she lead the strategy and design of the campaign.

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein mentioned “I am delighted about this award, and remember all the nights of discussion and alignment during scripting and storyboarding just because it was not going to follow the norm” Annika further mentioned.

“My gut feeling was right that this ad will evoke emotion as it is truthful. My aim was to write the real story of the young African’s struggle to provide and survive, and the pivotal role the immigrant has in today’s society, as an asset, rather than a liability”.

Kamara CEO of NOMAD Uganda mentioned “We couldn’t be more proud of this award. Our team has, under the leadership and creative strategy of our CEO, Ms. Hernroth-Rothstein, really blossomed and broken new ground by this ad. We each bring our experiences into the mix and the result is fresh and honest”

Julius CEO NOMAD Rwanda mentioned” the award is timely given as its our first entry to Ghana and West Africa. We are grateful to our client Zeepay for allowing creativity to be challenged and to Annika for truly pushing the boundaries”

Nomad is a multicultural agency with its roots firmly planted in Sub-Saharan Africa, and we are passionate about telling stories that not just resonate with the audience but also provoke them, putting a mirror to reality.

“With this ad, we didn’t simply want to sell a money transfer service here but rather show the world how transnational money services change lives across generations. In the midst of a severe economic crash as the Ghanaian economy struggles back to its feet after the pandemic, we tell an all-too common story of a young man who has left his family and his country and everything he knows to work towards a better future for himself and his loved ones, sending what little money he makes back home to support them. This is a common African tale, one that holds both hope and heartbreak, and young people like our journeyman carry whole economies on their backs, along with the hopes and dreams of their mothers and fathers, siblings and children, of the nations of their birth.

“We want to honor the journeymen and women of Africa and tell their stories. The good, bad and ugly, so that in a world that often deems them invisible, we may show how much they truly matter and redefine the immigrant as a positive force.”

About muse awards:

The MUSE Creative Awards is a part of the MUSE Awards Program, which was created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015. IAA’s inception was based on a mission to honor, promote and encourage creativity by providing a new standard of excellence for evaluating media design production and distribution. IAA’s mission has largely shaped MUSE Creative Awards’ goals.

At its core, MUSE Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals who inspire others to greater heights. With their concepts, ideas or designs, these creatives light a fire in others to strive further, thus becoming a muse.

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