One of the victims of Military brutalities at Ashaiman, Alhaji Mohammed Musah has been reported dead.

Lawyer and Spokesperson for Ashaiman Lives Matter, Emmanuel Kumadzi confirmed the death of the man to Starr News.

“The soldiers chased Alhaji Mohammed Musah to his house. So when he got home, he fell and he already had a medical condition- High Blood Pressure. His blood pressure shot up caused by the soldiers chasing him to beat him, he passed out unfortunately.”

Soldiers believed to have come from Michel and Burma Camps stormed Taifa on March 7, 2023 where the a young soldier had been killed and started brutalizing residents including some women.

The residents where beaten with sticks and other weapons while sleeping in the mud while some were forced to drink dirty water.

A total of 184 residents were later arrested by the military and conveyed to Burma Camp. They were however released after the real suspects who were hiding in Ashaiman were arrested by an intelligence led investigative operation by the Police Service.

Several groups and organization including Amnesti International-Ghana, condemned the Military brutalities.

It called for an independent investigation into the incident as matter of urgency.

The Organization also added that the military personnel involved in carrying out human rights abuses against the people of Ashaiman are held accountable and that adequate compensation be given to these victims.

“Amnesty International Ghana is against all forms of violence and human rights abuses and condemns the violence meted out by the military on civilians. The military is to take a step back and allow the Ghana Police Service to conduct thorough investigations into the unfortunate killing of the soldier.”

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