CIMG President to Marketers   President of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana, Dr. Daniel Kasser-Tee has admonished marketers to build their businesses around the interest of customers.

Speaking at the launch of the CIMG Chartered Marketer brand and induction of new members into the register of Chartered Marketers in Ghana, Dr. Kasser-Tee says the preexisting notions of marketing has derailed marketers from focusing on the need of customers.

“You are expected to help change the narrative in industry. Help your organisations to avoid the temptations of marketing myopia, and instead, think of the long-term perspective of the business by building everything you do around the interest of the customer,” he charged the new inductees.

“Marketing exists, simply, to create value for the long-term interest of the business. We do this by building the business around the customer, being aware about our environment, through research,” he added.

Dr. Kasser Tee adds that the use of advertising firms must simply serve the purpose of propelling the marketers’ plans.

“Don’t sit back for Marketing communications or Advertising firms to drive your marketing. Rather, employ their services to push your strategy. Ensure that every marketing communications message you put out there supports and favourably aligns with your marketing strategies, which invariably must be based on the organisation’s business strategy,” he said.

Meanwhile speaking to Starr Business on the sidelines of the induction ceremony, Patron of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana and Economist Professor Emeritus Stephen Adei says business owners must learn to find a market niche before trading in a product.

“Many people think that the first thing to do is to have a good product. But you can have the best product but if people don’t want it there is nothing you can do. The time has come for people to know that we don’t make a product and look for people to buy it. You look for a marketing niche and then you respond to it by a product or service, and the earlier we learn it the quicker we grow our economy and also become an international player” he told Starr Business.

In all, some 110 people were inducted as new members into the register of Chartered Marketers in Ghana.

Source: Ghana/ Kojo