The medical team that operated on the conjoined twins says one the twin Elisha is stable but requires further surgeries.  

In December 2021, top surgeons from the Greater Accra Regional Hospital and other hospitals across the country raced to perform an unprecedented operation to separate twin brothers conjoined by their heads.

However in December 2022, one of the twins Elijah, died after battling a heart failure and eventually suffered a cardiac arrest.

“This was a big blow to all of us, but we were determined to do all we can for the second twin”, Technical team lead for the operation, Professor Samuel Kaba explained.

GHOne News reports indicate that five months after nine complex surgeries, the remaining survivor, Elisha Addo, is now stable.

“We set out to separate them hoping for the best case scenario but we knew we could lose one or both knowing they share vital brain tissue and blood vessels. He also needs further surgeries to correct a scalp defect,” the team added.

Government took up the full cost of the operation after EIB Network first began a public campaign to raise funds.

So far, the government has spent over 24 million cedis on the separation of the conjoined twins which includes the purchase of state of the art equipment for the operation which has been used for over 300 other complex surgeries in the country.

Representative for the Minister of Health, Mathew Kyeremeh while addressing the gathering noted that the ministry has taken keen interest in the “less than ideal situation”.

“The ministry appreciates the commitment and courage from the medical team. We have so much to learn from this in terms of improving our health care systems,” he explained.

Father of the twins, Samuel Addo, expressed profound gratitude to all who made the survival of Elisha possible.

Source: Ghana/ Umar Uthman