A group of New Patriotic Party (NPP) constituency chairmen in the Ashanti region are rebelling against the regional chairman of the party, Bernard Antwi Boasiako popularly known as “Wontumi” over his alleged autocratic leadership style. 

Ahead of the NPP’s crucial flagbearer elections the party’s front made up of constituency and regional executive of the party appears sharply divided after the resignation of former Constituency Chairman of the Kwabere East Constituency, Odeneho Kwaku Appiah who was also serving as the Chairman of Chairmen in Ashanti.

After his resignation in 2022 for the Ashanti regional Chairmanship of the party’s election which he was defeated by the incumbent Chairman of the party and subsequent appointment of Dominic Bosompim constituency chairman of Odotobri to act until interim chairman.

However, the Nhyeaso experienced constituency chairman, the longest serving member of the party across the country who is interested in contesting Chairmanship race has accused the regional chairman of the party of blocking all efforts to elect a chairman as a leader to lead entire 47 constituency chairman in the region going into elections 2024.

Mr. George Kofi Adjei (JEOKAD) while speaking to the media questioned why the party’s regional Chairman ‘Wontumi’ is against the elections of Dean of Constituency chairman for the association of Constituency Chairman for if he has nothing to fear.

“Every party member in the region knows that Wontumi has lost control of the party in our stronghold so he doesn’t want me to contest and win the election. Because he is afraid of my influence in the region for the NPP. If Wontumi is strategic he should be bold and open for election and sponsor a candidate against me if he can defeat me. He is afraid of me because I’m the only constituency Chairman who calls him out when he tries his autocratic unfortunate leadership style on the constituency chairmen’’ he said.

He explained at the last Constituency executives’ elections about 32 experienced constituency chairmen lost the position which calls for reorganization.

“ We allow the appointment of Chairman for us even though that’s wasn’t the right thing to do because of the promise he made that after six months he will facilitate the election of substantive Chairman. It’s unfortunate he wants to dictate for us a move. I’m leading the resistance against’’.

Headed “on January 14th 2024 we wanted to elect our leaders, Majority Leader Osei Kyei Mensah and others all intervened for us to do that in Fuquay which never happened. Last Saturday 22rd July 2023 our new members called for an emergency meeting for us to elect our new members to enable us to prepare for the elections. Wontumi upon hearing the plan meeting called for emergency meeting with us on Sunday after declining to meet us over the elections after several attempt in the last two months.”

He further explained that during the meeting Wontumi told me never will he allow the planned elections of new executives for the party “he told as that he will not allow the election to be held. And stressed he can’t work with me, who is the favorite of the constituency chairmen’’ he alleged.

He described the three term chairman of the party who has not lost any election under his watch as un-strategic because he fears election.

“This group that takes care of Chairmen’s and party members’ welfare was formed in 1996 in the meeting to allow him to say whatever he wanted to say because we were in his house but now I’m out and can say whatever I want to say. If wontumi won’t allow an election we can also form a new group to take a decision for the party because he can’t stop us. He Wontumi is the Chairman of regional chairman Association of NPP. He was elected not by appointment so what is his problem.”

He described the Odotori Constituency Chairman Dominic Bosompem as un-strategic because after leading the group of Ashanti constituency chairman for over a year now has nothing to show to seek for election.

“After leading the group for some time now you have nothing to show so you are afraid to contest for reelection after your appointment. Because he knows I will win when they open up for elections so they want me out no problem’’.

He describe Chairman  Wontumi as blockhead in politics “ yes he knows I know the political game more him going into the national executives elections he declared Ashanti votes for John Bodu I also declared Ashanti votes for Justin Koduah , Dr. China and Nana Bee what happened at the end of the elections? I’m the grace root man and I’m in charge’’ he stated.

He expressed doom for the NPP in Ashanti region going into election 2024 “if wontumi is strategic chairman I don’t think this is the right time to rock shoulders on your constituency chairman. We will resist all the impositions we share and see what will happen in the region going forward who is in charge at the constituency levels. Wontumi is regional chairman, it doesn’t mean Ashanti NPP is for him. I won’t share my next line of action but I have the number to press the button. We can’t break the 8 if we allow this to lead us into election 2024. Because Jubilee house is away, we are not happy with Wontumi as Ashanti regional chairman’’.

He again described Wontumi as very young in politics. I will teach him that he came to meet me in politics. When Bantama Constituency Chairman he was schooling at Prempeh what does he know we shall see in Ashanti’’ he warned.

Meanwhile, several attempts to reach Chairman Wontumi to respond to the allegation were successful as our calls remain unanswered.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM/Isaac Bediako