Many prominent persons in Ghana have reportedly expressed their interests in adoption of baby abandoned at Ahodwo a suburb of Lower Manya Krobo municipality in Eastern region.

The Assembly member for the area, Raymond Gborson said they are overwhelmed by the many requests to adopt the baby.

He said the Pastor and Wife on whose doorstep the baby was left are also interested to adopt the baby since they do not have female child.

The freshly born baby was on dawn of Sunday July 16, 2023 abandoned at the doorstep of the Resident Pastor of New Covenant Apostolic Church at Kpong Ahodwo.

The unidentified new mother also dropped a suicide note beside the baby girl which reads” By the time you will finish reading this letter, I will be dead and gone. Please take care of this baby as your own child. Please ,I regret doing this but that is the only way this baby can have a chance to live. Please take care of her. I’m sorry plead forgive me. God bless you.”

The baby was wrapped in white cloth with the umbilical cord still attached.

Local police were informed and rushed to the scene.

The neonate was taken to the hospital for medical attention and was discharged same day to the wife of the Pastor to foster her for the meantime.

Assembly Member for Kpong Ahodwo electoral area Raymond Gborson told Starr News, the mother of the baby has not been identified yet.

He told the media that “This morning at around 5:30 am, the resident pastor called me that he woke up this morning and found a baby wrapped in a cloth, placed at his doorsteps, he’s living on a storey building so they climbed the stairs to the storey building and placed it one step into his room so when he got up this morning, he opened his door, he saw it and then he called me.”

The assembly member continued “looking at the situation it means she just gave birth to the baby without bathing her, her umbilical cord was also not cut.”

He said the department of social welfare and the Police are making the necessary documentations and select a suitable foster parent for the baby.

Meanwhile, the new mother has not been identified since the incident.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah