Child Rights International has said the Ghana Education Service (GES) has erred in handling the Adisadel College student violence. 

This comes on the back of an Adisadel College student who was seen being choked by a colleague and his head being hit against a metal bed in the dormitory.

One of the students has subsequently been asked to leave but will be allowed to write the final exams in the name of the school.

But speaking on Starr Today with Joshua Kodjo Mensah, the Executive Director for Child Right International, Bright Appiah said the school authority and the GES should use the appropriate means to address the matter.  

“I don’t think the Ghana Education Service has the right to say that the children should be out of the school environment especially where one is a candidate. Irrespective of the offence that has been committed what is required must be done in order to come to that conclusion.

“To us administrative powers for that decision, I think that they have erred in that regard and as soon as possible they should restore the children so that they can engage the appropriate procedures in dealing with this particular matter,” Mr. Appiah stated.

He however supports the call for the Police to take up investigation of the matter.

“Those are the things you expect, once there is criminality so there must be a report for some actions to be taken. If the child is below the age of 18-years we will expect that the process will engage the juvenile justice system to administer any punishment there is for the offence committed.”   

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