Leading Ghanaian influencer marketing agency, iSel Media,has hosted the latest edition of Influence  Academy on August 26, 2023

The event, which was a monumental leap in the right direction, was created to bring together a community of passionate influencers and creators who share a greater vision than today.

This year’s edition of Influence Academy featured over 50 top social media influencers and creators, and also had in attendance more than 300 vibrant nano and micro influencers. Creators and industry players like Incredible Zigi, KalyJay, Asiedu Mends, Hosi, Phylis (Miss Malaika 2018), Ivan (6 lashes), SDK, Erie Royal, Chayuta, Niashun, Benzy Banero, Kojoeshun, Chidera David, Bossman and other industry stakeholders  were present to support the event.

With mutually relevant conversations, fun experiences, and a carefully designed environment, iSel hoped to kickstart their ultimate vision; influencing and content creation beyond Africa to build a community of socialites who stand out and dominate the industry.

According to the project lead Maud Hayford, Influence Academy is an inclusive community where everyone can learn, grow, be heard and pursue excellence beyond the borders of Ghana, even over the entire continent, Africa. “Influence Academy always strives for excellence and this edition was absolutely golden. You had to be there to understand what the fuss was all about. It was quite simply a monumental success. Delivering on everything it promised. There’s more to come in the near future.”

Speaking at the event, the CEO of iSel, Felix Kwame Oppong Amoako, shared some insightful opinions about the current state of influencing and content creation in Ghana. Talking about issues like authenticity, user-generated content (UGCs), long-term partnerships, TikTok’s algorithm and the future of content creation, among a few. He also touched on what he perceives will be the reality of the future of influencer marketing and content creation. Recounting from his over 8 years of experience in the space, “looking at how even Twitter has evolved into a much more impactful platform for brands and influencers to achieve their marketing objectives.”

He believes there is so much greatness ahead, but reserves that, there is a threat of Ghanaian influencers falling short of that greatness, if a community like Influence Academy isn’t established well enough to push for improvement, growth by world standards, and produce better results.

Other speakers, KalyJay, Erie Royal, Derrick Bossman-Odechie, all shared intelligent and inspiring opinions on the topics of discussion at the event. Practical experiences of growth and overcoming boundaries were discussed with the audience, asking questions and making their own submissions. It was certainly a safe space where everyone’s voice was welcomed and appreciated.

The event had a mix of Conversations, music performances, giveaway sessions, lunch breaks, dance challenges, games and some more giveaways from the sponsors of the event.

Musical sensation and a rising voice, Chayuta performed her incoming single. Niashun, the Vodafone awards Unsung Artiste of the year nominee, gave his signature exciting performance. Kojoeshun gave the crowd a beautiful performance and the Hosanna hitmaker, Banzy Banero charged up the crowd with an electrifying performance that got everyone singing along, word for word, to his song.

The event officially began at 12 noon, it was hosted by Scripp-t and Alfah Masana, who invited the guests present to a fun Q&A session. The mood at Influence Academy was energetic, lively, engaging, humorous and friendly. Everyone was a super star in their own right. Yet, each person was intentional about acknowledging the other, respecting one another and just simply, creating fun memories together.

The historic event was sponsored by Hollard Insurance, Bel Ice, Verna Mineral Water, Orijin, McBerry, Dough man, DStv, GOtv, Jingo, Twellium and others.