Associate Professor at the University of Ghana (UG) School of Law, Professor Kwadwo Appiahagyei-Atu has warned of more coup d’etats’ on the Africa continent if leaders do not address the issues causing rampant coups.

Speaking on Morning Starr with Francis Abban Wednesday August 30, 2023, the Associate Professor stated that the coup in Gabon will likely not be last on the continent.

“Africa leaders and AU have been focusing on coup d’états’ but they are not looking at other elements that are contributing to unconstitutional change of government. The refusal to leave Bongo has been that the tradition in office since 2009. So nothing has been done to check Bongo to ensure that there is respect for democracy and the rule of law in Gabon,” Prof Appiahagyei stated.

He continued: “So now that there is a coup d’état the focus is going to be on the coup d’état and how to return the country to constitutional rule, hold elections and so on. But the underlying current which is responsible for the coup d’état will not be addressed. Or they don’t usually get addressed. So that is why we are having this cycle we are going through now. So it’s very likely that Gabon will not be the last until something changes as we have been saying.” 


Army officers have appeared on national television in Gabon to say they have taken power.

They said they were annulling the results of Saturday’s election, in which President Ali Bongo was declared the winner.

Military officials later said that Mr Bongo had been placed under house arrest and one of his sons arrested for treason.

His overthrow would end his family’s 53-year hold on power in Gabon.

Gabon is one of Africa’s major oil producers, while nearly 90% of the country is covered by forests.

It joined the Commonwealth in June 2022, becoming one of its few members not to have been a British colony.

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