Born To Win Foundation a founded by a US-based Ghanaian Koby Maxwell and David Danso aka Chairman as partners have donated hospital equipment wealth close to $10,000 to the Saltpong Hospital in the Central Region.

The US-based Ghanaian disclosed that despite the tough time with clearing the hospital equipment and other material for the donation from the Harbor he is fulfilled by the donation to the Hospital.

Speaking in an interview with Koby Maxwell after the donation he indicated that he has slept in the hospital and seen the condition there.

“Three years ago I ate a candid that took me to the hospital and I saw the challenges there myself. It was crazy but the night nurse was very professional and good. He did everything possible to help me,” he disclosed.

Koby Maxwell added that since then he has been in touch and knows what the challenges at the hospital have been.

“Sometimes, I have messages that somebody just died at the hospital because they don’t have this or that. These are little things, honestly that really touch me and I decided that let’s start from somewhere and do what I do to help and by that I believe people can also see and support,” he added.

Touching on how Born to Win Foundation was founded he explained that it all happened when his friend was going to give birth at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

According to him, unfortunately there was a shortage of beds at the hospital and the pregnant woman had to lie on the floor.

“I visited Ghana about 10-years ago, and met a friend of mine who is a taxi driver. The wife was going to the maternity room to deliver so I drove to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Unfortunately when we got there the situation was so bad that it really affected me.

“What was the situation, they didn’t have a bed for this mother to be able to deliver her birth. So they just laid a cloth on the floor and she had the baby on it. I witness that imagine this new born baby that started his time on this earth on the floor. Just like you are in a hole so in a way of trying to get out of that hole further up in life. It is just unbearable and I found that it was not the first time and that it was a regular experience that people have” he narrated.

Kobby Maxwell added that the situation really touched him and he started writing a song called Born to Win Foundation.

“So I wanted to use that who experience on how we can help the government because these children are innocent, they don’t know what the situation are and they shouldn’t their first time on earth like that,” Mr. Maxwell.

He said Born To Win Foundation in partnership David Danso aka Chairman is basically to help newborn babies to have a better foundation from their birth.

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