Mawuko Afadzinu, Head, Brand and Marketing – Stanbic Bank Ghana addressing audience at the grand opening of the 11th Ghana Garden and Flower Show

Mawuko Afadzinu, the President of the Institute of Public Relations (IPR) Ghana and the Head of Brands and Marketing at Stanbic Bank, delivered a compelling message about the urgent need to prioritize discussions surrounding climate change on a national scale.

This significant call to action was made during his address at the official launch of the highly anticipated 2023 Ghana Garden and Flower Show, a prestigious event held annually at the picturesque Efua Sutherland Children’s Park.

In his address, Mawuko Afadzinu highlighted the gravity of the climate crisis and emphasized the imperative for a collective, nationwide endeavor to address its repercussions effectively. He mentioned that, “Climate change is not merely an abstract threat; it poses a clear and present danger to our nation. It’s an existential threat that might appear subtle, but its insidious effects are progressively encroaching upon us. To combat this menace, we must initiate a movement, a movement that compels us all to engage in advocacy. It is crucial that climate change becomes an integral part of every critical dialogue in our country.”

Mawuko Afadzinu went a step further, urging communication professionals across Ghana to take up the mantle of narrating stories about climate change and its dire consequences. He stressed, “The onus of addressing climate change is not the responsibility of a single entity or group. We must embark on a collective endeavor to share narratives about climate change. Surrendering to despair is not an option. The amalgamation of our individual contributions has the potential to effect substantial change. Each of us should introspect and assess our own contributions to the predicament and, more importantly, our contributions to the solutions.”

The Ghana Garden and Flower Show, a hallmark event organized annually by the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement under the auspices of Stratcomm Africa, serves as a prominent platform for raising environmental awareness and promoting sustainable practices. The 2023 edition of this grand event commenced on August 30 and ended on Sunday September 3, within the enchanting surroundings of the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park.

Underlining the event’s theme for 2023, ‘Green Fusion: Collaborating for Climate Action,’ is the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement’s unwavering commitment to fostering a future marked by sustainable growth. This theme underscores their dedication to achieving a Ghana that is not only greener but also cleaner, healthier, and adorned with the exquisite beauty of nature. It serves as a rallying cry for collective action to combat climate change and create a brighter future for the nation.