Former Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo has stated that she will be among the protestors if there is any move to change the definition of marriage as enshrined in the constitution.

Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray, the former Chief Justice stated that she cannot fathom why someone would want to force a different culture on Ghana.

“Everybody has the right to express themselves but nobody has the right to insist and claim a lifestyle that is not life sustaining. If all men are going to sleep with men and all women and going to sleep with women we are gone in a generation or two. Is that not so?

She indicated that the Bible admonishes that be fruitful, multiple and replenish the earth.

“If you are not going to position yourself for godly replenishment of the earth well, that is all I got to say. But if you want to call yourself it, if you want to call yourself they, if you want to call yourself whatever, that’s one thing. But don’t try to push other people into cultures that also are not.

“Why should someone think that their culture is better than yours so they have to insist and threaten that if you cannot be like me you will see what I will do to you. Really, where are the rights in that? 

Madam Akuffo further questioned why anyone would want to change the concept of marriage to a different form.

“Marriage in those terms is man between a man and a woman. So if a man and man want to live forever they shouldn’t call it a marriage they should call it something else. Marriage is between man and woman and if we ever try to change the definition of marriage from the civil law definition of marriage I will be among the protestors.” 

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