President Akufo-Addo (right) and his Vice President Dr. Bawumia

Senior political science lecturer at the University of Ghana (UG), Dr. Asah Asante has called on the government to stop the noise on fighting corruption in the country.

This comes on the back of Corruption Perceptions Index 2023 released by the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) stating that Ghana’s anti-corruption fight shows zero improvement in four years.

In a press release, the GII explained that, Ghana, with a score of 43, ranked 8th out of 49 countries in SSA which were included in the index, alongside Benin (43) and Senegal (43).

Commenting on the development on Morning Starr with Francis Abban, Dr. Asante stated that the new document released by the GII exposes the government big time.

“I am not a prophet of doom but from where I sit and what I see and you also experience relative to the fight against corruption if we don’t take care we will even go down further. Because for all intents and purposes we are not ready to tackle corruption.

“It must be pointed out to this government that it’s losing the fight and it should stop pretending that it is fighting it,” Dr. Asante stated. 

He continued: “Look at the Corruption Perception Index, starting from 2017 when this government assumed the reign of government, they have not gone beyond 43 percent. They started off with 40 and they have been around 40 and 43. For me the noise, that we are doing something, pretending to the public that they are fighting corruption. This document exposes the government big time.”

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