The founder of World Miracle Outreach Church, Rev. Lawrence Tetteh has stated that the Ghana Police Service cannot gag the church with the directive on 31st Watch Night prophecies.

Speaking on GHOne TV with Lantam Papanko, Dr. Tetteh stated that he will admonish that if it is the IGP that is behind the directive he should look at the bigger picture and not send the wrong signal.

“Because of a few people who give prophecies that we seem to be upset about, we are happy for the police to give warnings. We are also happy for the violation of rules and laws in this country. In Ghana we have freedom of speech, freedom of expression.

“The police don’t have any right to gag the church, to gag religious leaders. In fact, they don’t have any right to gag the fetish priest. As long as the fetish priest is not violating the law. The police are rather creating fear and panic to the church,” Dr. Tetteh indicated.

He continued: “The church cannot be gaged, the church should not be policed. Sometimes, a lot of the things we do to the church we can’t do to other religious organizations. I think we have taken the church in Ghana for granted.” 

The Ghana Police Service has reminded the religious leaders in the country against prophecies that will create panic among Ghanaians during the 31st night watch night service.

Certain pastors have become infamous for making sensational prophecies and predictions that often instill panic and fear among Ghanaians during church services on the 31st December.

In a statement the Police however indicated that they are grateful to faith-based groups and individuals, for their compliance with the law so far, particularly in communicating prophecies.

“The Police would like to remind the public that while we have the right to practice our faith and freedom of speech as guaranteed by our constitution and democratic values, we want to reiterate that the enjoyment of these rights are subject to respect for the rights and freedoms of others and for the public interest.

“As we have come to consider December 31th as Prophecy Communication Compliance Day, the Ghana Police Service is once again urging religious communities to practice their faith within the legal framework,” the statement explained.

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